Are You Committed To A Commitment Ring?

commitment ring

So, what exactly is a commitment ring?

Well, it may be up for debate, but generally speaking, it’s a less expensive ring that demonstrates the commitment between a couple. Same-sex couples use them in place of wedding rings given current restrictions in most states, and heterosexual couples use them as a promise to become engaged and then married.

Some will tell you that the commitment ring comes before the engagement ring, and some say that it comes after the engagement ring and before the wedding ring.

Others say it replaces the engagement and wedding rings, and shows a couple’s commitment without all the hassle of a wedding – of course, these couples miss out on the gifts, but that’s their loss!

So what’s the real scoop?

Well, logic might say the commitment ring should proceed the engagement ring; after all, if the couple can afford the engagement ring, why not skip the commitment ring and go straight for the engagement? Those who really like jewelry might say this is a wasted opportunity for another piece of bling, albeit much more subdued.

Whatever the proper order, the commitment ring (sometimes referred to as a promise ring if used in the heterosexual sense) is a sweet gesture that puts your sweetie on “hold” until you or both of you can afford the real thing. Or, if you choose not to wed, it still allows everyone else still on the market know that your other half is already taken.

And this brings us to another point of contention. Which finger should the commitment ring be worn?

It may seem logical that the ring should be worn on the left hand ring finger although some people may choose to wear it on the right. Anyway, there’s no official rule that states which is right or wrong. Those in the same-sex relationship tend to wear them on the left ring finger.

Commitment rings tend to be less flashy than engagement rings (except for those in the movies) and are less expensive. They’re more symbolic than flashy and are worn primarily for to portray a person’s availability.

Where do you buy commitment rings?

Almost any jeweler worth their salt will carry them and if they don’t, any ring that you fancy will actually work. Do note that there are already some really nice designs specifically made for this purpose. So, if you’re off the market and are currently looking for a commitment ring, it may be worth your while to take a look at online vendors like They have a fabulous range of diamond rings starting from as little as $75 and are really affordable.